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1/8 - 2 TON CM CLASSIC and NEW LOADSTAR MOTOR DRIVEN TROLLEY, 30FPM or 75FPM, 3 3/8-5 5/8 (in) Flange Width

Steel beam and hoist not included
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Brand: CM

The CM Series 635 Motor Driven Trolley was designed to be utilized with a lug mounted Lodestar(rigid lug suspension required for attaching to hoist) where versatility and strength are key components. Refer to pgs. 12-13 in catalog link above for more detailed information. Power supply options include; voltage:115,phase:1,amps:60 or voltage:230,phase:3,amps:60 or voltage:460,phase:3,amps:60.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Fits wide range of beam sizes for maximum versatility
  • Steel plate side frames
  • Steel spur gearing for optimum strength and smooth operation
  • Universal Tread trackwheels that operate on standard S-beams or flat flanged beams
  • Lifetime lubricated double row ball bearings for high efficiency, low maintenance
  • Optional Trolley guards
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Metric rated

Product image above may show optional features and accessories not included on standard models.