Columbia Stage Hoist System 1/4 Ton, 1.0 HP, 1700 RPM

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Manufacture Part Number HG500
Brand Columbia


The Columbia Stage Hoist Systems are ideal for setting and striking theater props and lights, but can be customized for any theater lifting requirements. This design offers a low profile, roll around, self-contained stage hoist with capacities up to 5,600 pounds that could be easily positioned and rigged to pull in any direction above it. This system also includes the Columbia AutoAdvance Line Spooler that is aligned with vertical, conical fairlead to allow for any angle of overhead pull.  A major benefit of this feature is that a series of lifts can be made in different locations without moving the hoist. The system features a proportional joy stick that is connected to a variable frequency drive.  With it, an operator can move from stop to full speed and back to stop again with precise control over the load – whether lifting or lowering. Available in single phase and three phase.

Additional Features Include:

  • Rated for vertical lifting
  • Spring applied, electrically released brakes
  • Totally enclosed geartrain
  • Three stage planetary reduction
  • TEFC UL-listed brakemotors

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