Little Giant Fiberglass Compact Safety Cage Ladder 6' - 10' / 1.83-3.0m

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Manufacture Part Number 19504-19506-815
Brand Little Giant
Estimated Ship Time 1-3 Business Days

OSHA regulations require ladders users working above a certain height to tie off to a suitable anchor point before they can work with both hands. In some circumstances, these standards are often difficult or even impossible to keep, and often result in operators working in unsafe positions. Little Giant Cage features an adjustable enclosed platform to be a versatile, safe alternative to tying off.

Product Features:

  • Go where other aerial equipment can not go, designed to fit in limited access areas, such as drop ceilings
  • Fast and safe alternative for temporary scaffolding
  • Safe over uneven surfaces and stairs
  • Adjustable heights in one foot increments
  • Comply with tie off rules
  • Self-enclosing platform is versatile, safe alternative to ordinary step ladders
  • Nonconductive rails, the only aerial access equipment constructed of nonconductive high strength fiberglass

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