1/2 Ton Stagemaker SR05, 32 FPM Concert Hoist

More Information
Manufacture Part Number SR050810504
Brand R&M



  • Exclusive non-contact magnetic hoist positioning system as standard on most models.
  • New Perfect Push concept, 5 pocket load wheel, fitted with 5 intermediate teeth. This load wheel design helps distribute the load over more of the chain, which dramatically reduces chain wear and much quieter flow of chain through the hoist.
  • ChainFlux MKII rear ejection chain guide system provides a horizontal flow of the chain from the load wheel. This design reduces the risk of chain jamming.
  • Motor design provides consistent speeds when fully loaded or when unloaded
  • Electrical components designed for "plug and play" connectivity.
  • Hoist body is powder coated with black, protective 70um paint, allowing it to perform under the most extreme conditions.

Types of Control

Configure A - Direct voltage control

Configure B - Three phase with low voltage control

Configure S - Single phase power and low voltage control


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